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Ömer Yetkinel

Ömer Yetkinel was born in Lefkoşa in 1985. He completed his undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Eastern Mediterranean University and University of Greenwich,respectively. After he completed his study in UK, Yetkinel continued his doctoral studyin International Cyprus University where he completed his PhD thesis entitled “TheStructural Transformation of Big Data and Public Sphere”. Since 2012, he has beenteaching courses on digital communication, multimedia production, social media andfilmmaking in various universities all around Cyprus. In recent years, he has beenconducting research regarding personal information security and micro targeting onsocial media.

In 2010, Yetkinel launched the InMotion production company which has taken on many tasks in the field of production such as commercial film, music video, directing documentary and short films, cinematography director and editorship. Apart from these tasks, Yetkinel also professionally acted as a political communication consultant during the presidential elections as well as constituency elections conducted in Cyprus. Among his other interests are cyberspace, artificial intelligence and audiovisual works.

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