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Mazher Zaheer

Mazher Zaheer is the CEO of Creditwest Bank which is the biggest private bank holding 10% of marketshare in North Cyprus'  banking sector.

Mazher Zaheer was born in Pakistan in 1975 and after his graduation from the International Business Department of the International Girne American University in 1996, he completed his master's degree in the Department of Banking and Finance at Girne American University in 1998. Mazher Zaheer began his career in Creditwest Bank under the roof of Altınbaş Holding in 1997 as a Treasury and Foreign Operations specialist. Zaheer realised an agreement between Money Gram (money transfer company used for easy and fast money transfers between countries) and Creditwest in 2007 while he was acting as the Director of Treasury and Foreign Operations. Apart from his experiences in Treasury and Fund Management, he also started to take active roles in Marketing by working on the preparation process of new products. In 2008, he was appointed as Deputy General Manager of Treasury and Foreign Operations. During his time as Deputy General Manager, Zaheer redounded Creditwest Bank with a membership from ICC Turkey International Chamber of Commerce in 2014.

In 2015, Mazher Zaheer signed a protocol with Exim Bank which contributed to the easy credit opportunities for product purchases from Turkey. Again in 2015, Zaheer signed While Label Agreement with CWFX Platform – Business Investment Securities.As of June 2017, Mazher Zaheer has been assigned as the General Manager after having been in charge of treasury, foreign transactions, capital markets, marketing, information systems and insurance. Starting from 2017, with the agreement settled between Creditwest Bank and Oyak Investment,  clients of Creditwest Bank have started to operate in Turkey's Stock and Bond Exchange markets. Mazher Zaheer, who believes that women can be more effective in the economy in 2018 with the support of Financial Institutions, established a cooperation between Creditwest Bank and the Association of Business Women Women's Association and realized  a project titled "Here is My Idea" at the end of which 4 female entrepreneurs received awards and support in their businesses. In addition to all, Zaheer introduced "Local Pay", a new generation mobile payment application designed by Creditwest Bank. Without taking the country's current political situation and embargoes as an excuse, Zaheer moved the bank to international platforms and has taken important steps in the company's quest for digitalization.

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