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Namık Zafer Yılmaz

Namık Zafer Yılmaz was born in 1987 in İstanbul. Yılmaz completed his high school education in Saint-Joseph French High School. Then, he studied in Faculty of Economics in İstanbul University.

His works in the field of theatre helped Yılmaz to establish his first company when he was 19. He participated in the staging of Rent Musical along with Candela Theatre Community. Then, he found his own theatre group called Tiyatroman (Theatreman) and staged the plays of Othello and Macbett. He had the chance to meet Emre Kınay while he was working both as an artist and a director. He worked as a production manager in Duru Theatre for 2 years and acted as assistant director for Emre Kınay. During his time as the assistant director, Yılmaz participated in staging of plays such as Ay Tedirginliği and Sondan Sonra.

During his time spent with musicians and plays, Yılmaz realized that the music broadcasted on TV is very limited. Therefore, in 2010, he established Akustikhane. Apart from working on new sounds that are 

far from noises of TV, Yılmaz ensured the development of the program also in digital platforms. Akustikhane is currently the biggest live music development in Turkey. It offers his followers more than 600,000 new sounds and music.

Yılmaz found 12 Yapım (12 Productions) on the third year of Akustikhane and he started working as an agency undertaking digital communications of brands. With this agency, Yılmaz conducted strategic planning of brands such as Arçelik, Anadolu Efes and Citroen. Yılmaz also generated creative projects. He continues his advertising work with his team of 30 individuals.

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